Winter in Peisey-Vallandry, Savoie

Winter in Peisey-Vallandry is magical. At the end of autumn, the colourful red and gold leaves fall from the trees and the snow starts to settle on the ground. It blankets everything in white from the top of the mountains to the villages below.

For some the day may not include skiing or snowboarding but don’t worry, Peisey-Vallandry has plenty of alternative winter activities for you to enjoy.

Just wrap up warm and prepare yourself for an incredible day with your family, discovering all that Pesiey-Vallandry has to offer in winter.

Winter Activities in Peisey-Vallandry

Nordic Skiing (Cross-Country Skiing)

We are fortunate to have over 40 km of cross country skiing with the most stunning views here in Peisey-Vallandry, near the village of Nancroix.

The nordic ski area is just outside the Vanoise National Park, at the foot of the famous north face of the Bellecote mountain.

What is nordic skiing? Also known as cross-country skiing, nordic skiing is a lot of fun. Just imagine taking a long hike around glistening snowfields whilst wearing a pair of skis that grip the snow with tiny scales.

There’s a bit of a technique to getting up the hills and then you slide back down the other side.

The classic way to nordic ski is inside tracks, and if you are a beginner this is the one we suggest to start with. You can stay on blue pistes which range from 0.4km to 6.9km.

We recommend wearing light clothing as you will get hot. And don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses.

For the more advanced, Peisey-Vallandry also provides tracks for cross-country skate skiing. Lessons and equipment hire are available in the same area.

You’ll find red and black cross-country skiing slopes opening up an incredible area. You can ski from 1471m at Pont Baudin, where the trails start, all the way into the Vanoise National Park at 1659 metres.

Sleigh Rides with Animals

Reindeers, horses and huskies offer sledge rides throughout the winter in the stunning Vanoise National Park.

They leave from Pont Baudin, a lovely little area, away from alpine skiing.

It’s enchanting for children (and romantics) - you’ll feel like you’ve just arrived in Lapland with snow on the ground and fairy lights in the trees.

Take a sledge for the children. Most winters, a sledging area is created here, giving the perfect opportunity for a slide, in safety’ away from any alpine skiers. This particular man-made hill is big enough for adults to have some fun too!

Alpine Touring (Randonee Skiing) in Peisey-Vallandry

Alpine touring is hiking up mountains on skis, that use a special skin to grip the snow on the up-hill. Once at the top, the skin is taken off and the skier can enjoy skiing down. This can also be achieved with a split-board (snowboard).

There are prepared areas for alpine touring so you can participate safely. Always hire a ski tour guide that knows the area well.

Ski touring can be tiring is some effort, but the freedom is second to none, leaving the noise of the crowds and the lifts behind. The hike makes the descent that much more pleasurable.

Randonne skiing is available to all ages, and equipment is available to hire in all the ski hire shops in the villages. Booking may be required on busy weeks.

First Track Skiing

Once a week Peisey-Vallandry propose ‘First Tracks’ tickets to visitors. This means that you are the first on the slopes - along with the mountain experts (pisteurs).

The slopes are freshly groomed and you can float down with the feel of fresh snow under your skis, enjoying the view without the distraction of other skiers.

There are discounts for first tracks, depending on the lift pass that you buy.

Snowshoeing and Walking Trails in Peisey-Vallandry

Walking in the snow is an unusual experience for young and old, and depending on the depth of snow at the time of year, snowshoeing makes the experience that much easier.

Peisey-Vallandry has lots of trails which are prepared especially for hikers and snowshoers.

There are plenty of ‘easy’ trails which you can tackle on your own - maps are available from the tourist offices.

If you’d like to go further afield and explore the mountains, there are guides to hire that can take you touring. It is advisable to book in advance on busy weeks.


For the ultimate mountain panoramic visit - tandem paragliding flights are available over Peisey-Vallandry and the valley beyond.

Strapped to your professional guide you will ski or snowboard right off the side of the mountain, and be taken way up, into the air above the mountains.

The views of the French Alps are breathtaking. It’s a truly unforgettable experience to float, peacefully in the sky taking in your surroundings.

Visit our friend Peisey Mountain Fly - an experienced paraglider.

Speed Riding

Speed riding is when skiers part ski, part fly down the mountain with a small parachute attached to them, so they can jump or take flight when they want.

Speed riding will take you to exhilarating speeds just above the ground, and is available in the Peisey-Vallandry/Les Arcs area.

Luge (Tobogganing)

The start of the luge can be found at the top of the Transarc cable car or at the Mille 8 zone and this is a lot of fun for the whole family.

Approximately 3 km of sliding down the mountain on a sledge, with brakes in case you need to slow down, but don’t be fooled - you can go really fast!

Once at the bottom, walk to the Arcabulle chair lift, where you will be whisked back to the top to collect your ski gear or head back to Peisey on the local navette shuttle bus.

Village Igloo

Ski over to the village igloo in Les Arcs at the bottom of the Arcabulle lift above Les Arcs 1950.

Children love to visit the ice sculptures in the ice cave, which are all lit up with different coloured lights. Adults can enjoy an ice-cold beer or cocktail. There is seating outside, a lovely place to sit on a nice day.

You can even spend the night in one of the igloo’s ice-rooms if you have the time and inclination!

Massage in Peisey Vallandry

After a long day on the slopes what better way to recover than to relax and enjoy a professional massage from Massage Me?

Alpine Essence has teamed up with Massage Me to provide the ultimate in luxury pampering.

Their fully qualified therapists are available between 8 am and 8 pm, seven days a week.

The best part? They come to your chalet in Peisey-Vallandry so you can be pampered in comfort - no walking or driving in the snow.

Swimming and Well-being

There are a few options for swimming and well-being in Peisey-Vallandry.

In Plan-Peisey there is a small indoor pool, jacuzzi and a small sauna at The Vanoise Hotel. This is great for a couple or a young family, for a shorter, quieter experience.

An experience for the whole family is at Mille-8 in Les Arcs. It’s really easy to take the bus here and back, even in the winter.

Mille-8 has a big indoor pool with a water slide, all the experiences you and your children might hope for - jacuzzis, waterfalls and play areas.

If you are looking for relaxation, this is also available at Mille-8 in the well-being rooms for adults only. There are steam rooms, saunas, ice showers or you can book in for a relaxing treatment.

Just do be aware that the swimming pool is often filled with families having a ‘whale’ of a time!


Over the valley, in La Plagne is an Olympic bobsleigh track. With a qualified driver at the front, you can shoot downhill through 19 crazy turns, at terrifying speeds.

This is a very different group or family experience and recommended only for the fearless.


Bowling is available in Les Arcs 1800. There is a bar serving drinks and snacks, plus a pool table and an arcade. Perfect for a bad weather day, and entertainment for the whole family.

A free shuttle bus can take you from Peisey-Vallandry to Les Arcs, and back.

Peisey-Vallandry Cinema

We might be a small ski resort but Peisey-Vallandry has a cinema, showing a selection of films, some in English. Do check before you go.

There are two showings per evening, and sometimes - in very bad weather - an extra showing is put on in the day time to keep you entertained.

Après Ski

After a day on the slopes, Peisey-Vallandry has plenty of bars and restaurants for you to settle into and ‘mull ‘over the day’s events.

Take a look at our page on Peisey-Vallandry bars and restaurants to choose which is best for you. It’s always nice to have a back-up plan.