Not skiing! We've got you covered.

A ski resort isn't just all about skiing. There is so much more to do if you come to the mountains in winter but don't want to spend all of your time skiing(or any time skiing!!)

If you think a ski resort means only skiing, you’re wrong!

Here are some of the alternative activities available in our ski resort during winter. If you don’t feel like strapping on a pair of skis, you can still discover all the wonderful things the mountains have to offer without actually skiing and even meet up with your skiing buddies at one of the numerous mountain restaurants for a hot chocolate or a fondu together.

This list is not definitive but as you can see, there is much much more to a ski resort than just skiing!!

  1. Free shuttle buses to carry you around the various villages giving you the chance to peruse the shops, bars and restaurants. We even have a mini brasserie with our own beers and a great wine bar.
  2. Foot passenger lifts, allowing you to travel all over the resort from the bottom to the very top. You can meet up with your friends at the Bulle café for a seafood platter, a visit to the ice cave or just hang out at the “Enfants Terrible “restaurant and watch you kids whizzing by.
  3. Snow shoeing with a guide who will show you all the hidden secret spots and animal tracks away from the slopes and noise. The amazing Palais de la mine at the entrance to the Rosuel National Park or the natural ice cave.
  4. Visit the Museums or the beautiful Baroque churches located in the villages where there are sometimes concerts or ceremonies taking place
  5. Visit the semi automated farm where the “Tarrine” cows spend their winter months and have a free tasting of the famous Beaufort cheese.
  6. Go sledging on any one of the local sites. You can even do this in the evening at the Mille 8 centre in Arcs 1800.
  7. Spas, Well-being, Swimming and Massage. All of these are available. You can have a massage in the comfort of your own chalet or at one of the spa centres. The choice is yours.
  8. Go walking along any of the many specifically prepared paths designated for walkers only in the Rosuel National Park. Stop and look at the unique structure of the houses in the tiny villages along the way. They are designed to withstand the avalanches from the Bellecote Glacier.
  9. Take a horse drawn sleigh ride or a Husky drawn adventure and visit the reindeer at Les Lanches. With a long view, you can often see the Ibex or Chamois high up in the mountains along the way.

  10. Take in a film at the local cinema in Vallandry (often in English during the holidays)
  11. Go bowling in Arcs 1800 and take in a meal or just have a drink before catching the night bus home to Vallandry or walking back along the security road.
  12. Visit the Ice cave or village Igloo where you can spend a night huddled under the warm blankets.
  13. Fly over the top of the slopes on a tandem paraglider ride and watch the skiers below like busy ants rushing to and fro.
  14. Take a tour around the villages by night with a torch to light the way and a guide to explain the local history.
  15. Take an exhilarating ride on the Tyrolienne in Arcs 1800 and travel at over speeds of 130km/h either solo or with a friend.
  16. Spend an evening in one of the local bars and listen to one of the bands. You can often find the local trio of 3 brothers playing amazing Argentinian tango music at the Mojo bar in Vallandry.
  17. Get brave a take a ride at the Olympic bobsleigh track in la Plagne. With 19 wicked bends and head bobbing speeds.
  18. Visit the new fresque experience in the bowels of the Varet cable car garage where you can watch the "4 seasons" breath-taking show in over 500m of hidden underground space.

The list goes on and you will struggle to fit everything into your weeks holiday so don’t worry if you’re a non-skier! We’ve got it covered.!

Written by Alpine Essence on 25th May 2023.