Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Here at Alpine Essence we care about the planet and want to do our bit to help.


We all know the problems of rubbish, plastic and global warming and the harm this is causing to our planet. Maybe not in our lifetime but somewhere in the near future, the next generation will be faced with a problem of enormous proportions which will leave them feeling that we did nothing to help when we had the chance. We have all seen the effects this summer with huge flooding and loss of life in Germany Holland and Belgium and raging fires in Turkey and Greece.

It’s time to take action and here at Alpine Essence we are very aware of the effects on our mountains and ski resorts. We will be appealing to our clients to try and save energy and not leave windows open and radiators blasting at the same time, to turn lights off when not needed, and to fill dishwashers and washing machines before starting them.

Here at Alpine Essence, we are constantly trying to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the quality of your holiday and protect the beautiful pure mountain air of Peisey Vallandry.

What we have already implemented.

To help reduce the number of plastic wrappings and toxic chemicals, we have asked our drycleaners to provide bed linen and towels without wrappings. We provide a welcome pack with washable tea towels and toilet rolls with 100% recycled paper. Our cleaners use ecologically safe cleaning products which are still effective when it comes to killing germs such as white vinegar, and our linen Is washed in ecologically friendly substances such as the tru earth eco strips.

We have an automated booking system to reduce paper usage with an automated signature return for contracts and we use a paper free deposit system. It’s not perfect yet, but we are getting there

Our reception uses 100% renewal energy for its electricity and we make sure there is no excess heating or water usage when we are working.

There is still a long way to go, but we will keep improving our services and reduction of plastic usage but we need the help of all those around us, chalet owners, staff and clients alike.

What we are trying to implement.

We encourage the recycling of plastic waste from the usual waste, by providing 2 bins in each chalet and will be asking our clients to help with differentiating their waste. We are persuading our chalet owners to change their current energy providers to use 100% renewable energy ones such as we use in the reception, and we are moving towards as many ecologically friendly products as possible, including light bulbs and energy saving devises. The commune has provided recycling bins all over the village and we are currently considering how to recover food waste from our chalets which can be used by the local farmers for their livestock.

We know there is lots more to do and are moving our goals daily to help improve the situation but every little bit helps and we will keep moving our goals forward until all of our chalets use renewable energy and are energy saving buildings.


We are equipped with electric quads to transport our client’s luggage to and from the chalets where needed and the commune are organising electric bus transport around the villages for the near future. They have also provided free charging stations for electric vehicles of which we are seeing more and more arriving in our ski resorts. We hope to use only electric vehicles in the near future and already have a Zoe for staff transport.

Let’s all get involved and do our bit to make this planet a better place to live both for us and the next generations to come so that everybody gets the chance to enjoy skiing in fresh mountain conditions and cleaner air.

Écrit par Alpine Essence le 28 septembre 2021.