Lifts open in Peisey Les Arcs

Summer lifts open for pedestrians, bikers or paragliders.

This summer in Peisey there is a change happening. The 4 man chair lift in Vallandry, is being replaced by a new telecabine, capable of moving more people faster and more effectively to the top of the Peisey Vallandry ski are. It will be ready for winter 2021/2022.

In view of this, the Grizzly chair lift will be open to take walkers, bikers and paragliders to the top of the hill from Vallandry,  giving you the time to explore the area without wearing yourself out climbing up. For those of you staying in Peisey village, the Televillage, Le Lonzagne, will be open and is free for pedestrians.

Other lifts open in Les Arcs, are the Arcabulle, Varet, Aiguilkle Rouge, Transarc 1 and 2 Villards and the Dahu. The Villards and the Dahu are both free to pedestrians. The Cachette and Fun are also open in Arcs 1600 as well as the Cabriolet between 1950 and Arcs 2000 (also free to pedestrians. With all of these lifts open, it means you can travel the whole area without wearing yourself out and catch some amazing views. If you feel like some exercise, you can always walk down but the lifts are open both ways!

Prices vary, but a 1 day pass is only 20 EUR (Adult) and 16 EUR for 5 to 12 year olds. You can take any of the above mentioned lifts with this pass, all day long.

A 7 day pass is 65 EUR (Adult) and 52 EUR for 5 to 12 year olds, There is also a family pass for 2 adults and 2 children.

Individual trips can also be purchased from as little as 3 EUR (1 way funi pass). Check the price structure for each lift when you arrive at the reception.

Come on up and take a big breath of fresh mountain air and en joy the ride!

Écrit par Alpine Essence le 13 juin 2021.