Home ski delivery with SKIDOC

New for this year, a home delivery service that means that you won't have to go to the shop for your skis, they will come to you!

We’ve been working on making your holiday run as smoothly and hassle free as possible for this winter so please allow me to introduce you to our latest project and new partner SKIDOC.

Skidoc is a top-quality mobile ski hire company with many years of experience working mainly in the Saint Foy and Val D’Isere area but they have decided to move down the valley and have proposed their services to us at Alpine-Essence.

SkiDoc delivers top quality equipment to your doorstep and their ski technicians will make sure everything fits during the in house fitting.

They are on call throughout the week to make any changes if needed, meeting you at the bottom of the slopes during the day with a pair of new boots or skis in case of emergency or at your accommodation after you're done riding for the day, if you just want to try something different.

There is no payment or card details collected pre-arrival, simply check out their offer at https://skidoc.fr/ski-hire/, pre-order your equipment by entering "alpine-essence" as the partner code under the "book now" tab, then once you have arrived and your equipment has been delivered and fitted, they will charge you only for what you needed and what you are happy with.

Last minute cancellations or changes to your group or requirements are done without a hassle.

If you have your own equipment, they also offer mobile ski and snowboard servicing. Check out and book your slot at https://skidoc.fr/."

We have added their link to our “more info” section under lift passes and equipment hire so you just need to look there when you start thinking about your ski hire requirements before your holiday and click on the link.

We think Skidoc will be a great asset, allowing you to remain in your warm comfy residence after a long day travelling to the resort ,and be prepared for your first day’s skiing with an absolute minimum amount of hassle.

*Don’t forget, we can also provide you with reduced price lift passes, (if booked in advance), collectable at our reception when you check in, so there will be no need to go into the village and queue up for anything!

Écrit par Alpine Essence le 24 août 2022.